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Posted on: July 7, 2017

A message from the Fire Marshal...

If you participated in the use of fireworks this July 4th, please read this message:

  • In Newark, a young man, 18 years old, lost part of his left hand when a mortar exploded as he loaded it into a tube.
  • In San Bernardino, a group of eight-year-old boys set off a modified fireworks device. The hand of one boy was blown off, another suffered second-degree burns and cuts; another boy’s hair caught fire.
  • In Iowa, at a family event, a firework landed and exploded in the lap of a mother who was holding her one-month infant. The mother immediately tossed the baby onto a nearby blanket. Both suffered serious injuries and burns.
  • In Kansas, a 15-month-old girl was in her stroller when a firework missile, launched by a neighbor across the street, landed in the stroller and set it ablaze. The baby was seriously burned and injured, and her parents and sister all received burns as they rescued her from the burning stroller.
  • In Kentucky, a 25-year-old man was killed when a firework hit him in the chest. The firework apparently went off prematurely as he bent over to light it, and the impact was so strong it stopped his heart.
  • In Washington, two boys, both about 12-years-old, were injured when they picked up a firework they found. One of the boys is said to have severely injured his hand.

These are just a few of the latest reports on injuries and, sadly, even a fatality relating to fireworks. None of these people thought they would be the instigator or victim of a fireworks injury, so please don’t be fooled into thinking this couldn’t happen to you.

Protect yourself and your loved ones: Don’t use fireworks! Don’t buy fireworks! Don’t leave fireworks in reach of kids! They’re dangerous and illegal.

Sincerely,Ivan D. Lee, Fire Marshal

If you have leftover fireworks: Bring them to the nearest fire station for proper disposal—no questions will be asked. Never place them in the trash, which could endanger our waste haulers. Find a fire station at

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