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About San Jose Municipal Water System
Municipal Water System BuildingHistory of the Water System
The San Jose Municipal Water System is owned and operated by the City of San José. In May 1961, the City of San José purchased the Evergreen Water Company and established the San Jose Municipal Water System (MWS) by the adoption of Ordinance No. 8849. In 1966, the North San José and Alviso service areas were added to the MWS with the annexation of the City of Alviso. In 1983 and 1986, the Council established the Edenvale and Coyote service areas, respectively.

The initial investment to purchase and improve the Evergreen system came in the form of loans from the City’s General Fund. These loans were repaid with interest by 1970, and the MWS has been completely self-supporting ever since.

Since inception, the MWS has grown from a relatively small water utility to the fourth largest water retailer in the County of Santa Clara, with almost 27,000 connections serving a growing population currently estimated at over 100,000. The economies of scale resulting from this significant growth, coupled with increased efficiency, has resulted in reductions in water cost relative to other retailers in the County. Today, the MWS offers some of the lowest water rates in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing our customers with a safe and reliable water supply.