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Signs & Striping
Regulatory Signs 
Traffic signs are intended to instruct road users on what they must or should do (or not do) under a given set of circumstances. The term regulatory sign describes a range of signs that are used to indicate or reinforce traffic laws, regulations or requirements. Which would apply either at all times or at specified times or places upon a street or highway. The disregard of these signs may constitute a violation. 

Warning Signs 
Are types of traffic signs that indicate a hazard ahead on the road that may not be readily apparent to a driver. Warning signs are black on a yellow background and usually diamond-shaped. The warning signs usually contain a symbol and often contain text. Many middle and junior high schools have high visibility neon green fluorescent signs to enhance pedestrian safety.

Traffic Guide Signs
Signs erected at the side of roads to provide information to road users. With traffic volumes increasing over the years, guide signs have been simplified and standardized to facilitate and enhance traffic safety. Most streets have a street name signs at each intersection to indicate the name of the roads. Some streets have advance street name to help with guidance. Such signs are often the target of simple vandalism, and signs on unusually or famously named streets are especially liable to street sign theft.  To report a missing sign, please call 408-794-1900.

Street striping is actually referred to as a pavement line marking in the traffic engineering world. Longitudinal lines run parallel with the roadway and provide guidance by defining the limits of safe travel. In other words, they make up the lanes and direction of travel (such as lane lines, center lines, and edge lines).

Lane lines generally consist of yellow stripes, which delineate the separation of opposing traffic flows (double yellow, yellow skips, and two way left turn lanes) or white stripes which delineate the separation of traffic flows in the same direction (white skip lines, turn lanes, or edge lines).

The roadway markings section maintains all the street striping within the City of San José. Currently, there is approximately 2,432,338 square feet of white striping and yellow striping throughout the city. 

Pavement Markings 
Pavement markings are used to communicate information regarding turns, lane drops, approach warnings (stop ahead, ped xing, signal ahead, etc.,), lane restriction (bike lanes), and limit lines such as crosswalks and stop or yield lines.

We have a variety of curb markings: red for no parking, green for timed parking, yellow for freight loading, white for passenger loading, and blue for handicap. 

Raised Pavement Marker 
A raised pavement marker is a safety device used on our city roads. These devices are usually made with plastic or ceramic and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Many varieties include a lens or sheeting that enhances their visibility by reflecting automotive headlights.