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Success Stories
If you have had a successful experience adopting an animal from the Animal Care Center, please share your experience with us by filling out a brief form:

Success Stories Form

Following are some submitted stories from our clients.


Angela Neville, 8/17/14: On 12/27/2011 I waited in line for the shelter to open...and found a ragged looking little soul who now goes by Lucy.She weighed just under 4 lbs and immediately stole my heart with her little butt wiggling while she walked backwards. I can't thank you enough for finding my furry baby! It's been 2 and a half years filled with fun (and some not so fun stuff like a dental with some extractions haha) and I wouldn't trade a minute of it! Everyone is always asking where I got her and I always spread the word!Keep up the good work and when I'm ready to get Lucy a brother, we'll be back!Check out her instagram @lucyinlongbeach


Carol Mello, 7/12/14: I was at the shelter because I was very worried about a dog I had turned in. So I took a number to wait. My husband does not want dogs and I had made a deal with him not to adopt another cat to replace my girl kitty who died of cancer in 2013. I decided to use my wait to look at all the dogs. Many fine dogs. I checked on my number. More waiting. Decided I would just LOOK at the cats. I looked at all the kittens. I looked at all the adult cats. They ignored me until I got to the last cat building. The boxy containers had been removed and the cats were all hanging around in the two rooms together. One tabby cat was sitting on the stainless steel counter awake. I looked at her. She looked at me. She jumped down, ran across the room, put her paw on her side of the window near my hand and meowed. Suzy had chosen me. I felt bad that I could not adopt her sister Sally (didn't want to chance 2 cats with husband). Suzy is sweet and loves to play. Please adopt Sally!


Patricia Nachin, 7/11/14: Tinkerbell was my constant companion for the last 7 years. She was just 8 years old when she suddenly died. I adopted her from your Shetler on March 15, 2007. She was the first little dog in the kennels and as soon as I saw her I knew she was mine. I filled out the application so fast because another family was there and I just knew that they wanted my little girl. Fortunately they wanted a big dog. I had gotten lost and was going to the SPCA when I accidentally found myself on Monterey.

She came running out to meet me and I had to have her. You made it so easy to take home my little sweetheart.In the last 7 years, we were only apart for 2 nights. I miss her so much and know that I will get another bundle of joy. I just have to find the right one,just likeI found Tink.


Emily Walls, 7/9/14: My fiancée and I were interested in adopting a dog, but had each had a different type of dog in mind. I wanted a small dog that was calm and loved to cuddle, while my fiancé wanted a medium size dog that would be great to take on hikes. We went to the San Jose Animal Care Center with a few choices in mind. I was very impressed with the organization of the shelter!! We met a few smaller dogs, but they weren't what we were looking for. Then we met Roscoe!! He was a Jack Russell/ Chihuahua mix and was just adorable!! He was happy to meet us, a good size, and seemed very calm. He was perfect!! We have now had him for almost 4 months and he is exactly what both of us wanted! Roscoe loves to hike, run and play at the beach, and cuddle on the couch while watching a movie! He learns very quickly and continues everyday to be the perfect dog for us!!!


Monica Thompson, 6/17/14: About seven years ago we went to the shelter to adopt an older dog who had been surrendered by her family due to a house fire. When we got there, she was being adopted back by her original family, who had found a place where they could have her. After wandering around looking at all of the dogs, we decided on a small pit bull mix pup who didn't bark but let out two little howls. Wally came home with us that day and has been a major part of our lives since then. My husband and I joke that the dog is not spoiled, he's just well taken care of.

Penny and Saul

Charles Statman, 6/17/14: I did not want a dog.It had been almost 15 years since my beloved dog passed.I did not think I could take losing another pet.Then my buddy Matthew said "the dog is not for YOU, she is for your are keeping the JOY of a dog from your son Saul, because you fear the hurt that comes when they die"and he was right.

We walked in, and there she was.Black with white paws, lab-pit mix.Sitting quietly in her kennel,came over, licked me,and went back to sit down.SO SWEET.about 1.5 years ago, we adopted her, and changed her name to Penny.My son Saul is a big fan of Penny on Big Bang Theory.Now Knock-Knock-Penny is part of our family.She helped Saul get over not touching things.She helped me get over fear of loss.She is our family.Shown in pic?Saul imitating Penny relaxing.


Starr Carson Cleary, 5/23/14: I love my new life; going on outdoor photo shoots, riding in the golf cart with my rescue brother, Lil Bear, a 5lb Carin Terrier, and chasing each other around. My hair was shaved and matted, when I got here. Look at me now. I have a standing monthly appointment with my hairstylist. My parents plan to purchase me and my brother some doggie sunglasses, to keep my hair out of my eyes when the wind is blowing, when I'm riding in the car. Life is grand- Ms Belle


Jill Case, 5/18/14: I adopted Roxie from your shelter 6 years ago. From the first night we came home and she just curled up on the floor, she has been an amazing addition to my home. She is such a love bug and loves being around people. We volunteer once a month with Furry Friends at an Alzheimer's home and she also goes to Foothill College with my niece, who is studying to be a Vet Tech, to help the students practice their skills (the photo is from bandaging day).Thank you for rescuing Roxie!


Tracy Cruz, 5/18/14: My fiance and I adopted Bullet (formerly Kapper) last June 2013.  Little Bullet has come a long way.  We worked quite diligently with Bullet and within his first month with us he completed Shy dog class to build confidence, learned not to go potty in the house and completely stopped nipping.  He's such a smart little guy (has learned sit, stay, shake, hi-five, up & roll over), is great with small children and comes to work with me every Mon, Weds & Friday.  He's quite a character but his fun loving personality has made him quite the celebrity around work.  He's still a bit afraid of big dogs but has made some friends closer in size and is definitely a quick little one, hence his name.  

We are so glad to have met him at the San Jose Shelter!  He has brought so much love and joy into our lives.  I would encourage others who are considering adoption to rescue an animal at a shelter.  It may take a bit of time and patience to acclimate and train but the rewards are so much greater!!!

Andrea Caldera, 4/15/14: I adopted "Petunia" whose name is now MAYA last October 2013.  I have always wanted a little dog and on this particular day I went to the shelter to "just look".  About an hour and a half later I walked out with my little 3-legged female Chihuahua.  She has been a blessing to both me and my mom.  She is 8 years old and the best dog I could have asked for.  She is well behaved, house trained and does not bark unless absolutely necessary. She loves going places in the car and even has her very own car seat.  The dog park is one of her favorite places. She has the cutest personality and has to be the center of attention.  She took a very big liking to my mom and loves going to my moms house too and hanging out in her backyard.  She sleeps in the craziest positions and even snores.  Even though she is a tri-pod she can get around very well and can!  I don't think she realizes she only had 3 legs. I am so glad I stopped that day to "just look". She makes me smile.

Lilly and Hannah

Valerie Merklin, 4/9/14: I adopted Lilly (shelter name was Krystal) last September, a few months after I had lost my big dog (over 100 lbs), Ben, to bone cancer last June.  Hannah, the big black dog in the picture, was my other dog and she was always my "little dog" at 85 lbs (she is from the Idaho Humane Society, I used to live there).   Hannah and I were both so sad after we lost Ben and last September a friend told me to come by when you were having a free adoption weekend.  I was looking for something smaller, like 40-50 lbs. but little 19 lb Lilly won my heart so I put a hold on her and came back that evening with Hannah.  The adoption counselor was great and took her time with us, it was hard since Hannah was scared being at the shelter.  Once out of the shelter they had a ball and haven't stopped, they love playing with toys and going on walks together!   And Hannah is so much happier!   Thank you so much!!  Photo is by photographer Laura Palazzolo, her website is 

Arthur and Desi
Shannon Buggie, 2/4/14: My husband and I were looking to find a friend for our cat whose brother recently passed away. We looked at a couple of sites and came across the picture of Desi. We read how he was extremely shy but also needed a good home, it also mentioned that he was friends with Arthur. We went in this morning and met with them both - after deciding they shouldn't be separated we took them both home. Desi is a sweetheart but Arthur is going to need some extra love I am already falling in love with them both and am grateful for the opportunity to take them both into a loving home.